What Should You Consider When Using 3D Animation In Explainer Videos?

The trend of using explainer videos as a means of marketing is increasing day after day all over the world. Businesses now prefer to use an explainer video to explain their brand and launch new products with it. In explainer video, the use of 3D animation is also increasing exponentially.

The use of 3D animation in explainer videos makes the video different from simple animation or actual videos. The lines below discuss the different factors you should consider while using 3D animation in explainer videos.

Consider The Budget

The first thing that you need to consider while adding 3D animation in your explainer video is the budget. 3D animation is expensive compared to 2D or general animation, therefore, when the element of 3D is to be added to your explainer video, it will definitely spike up the budget. Hence, consider your budget and then decide upon opting for 3D animation in your videos.

Consider Time

Another factor that you need to consider while adding 3D animation to your explainer videos is time. Compared to regular animation, 3D requires greater attention to detail which in other words means greater expenditure of time. Therefore, if you are considering adding the touch of 3dimension to your video, then you need to give it proper time and never rush it.

Consider The Resources

3d animation is not a work of amateur animators, rather it requires great skill. If you do not have a 3d animator of your own, hiring one from another firm can be expensive and training your own animator on 3d can consume a lot of time and resources. Therefore, consider whether you have the financial or human resources available for 3d animation before you opt for adding it to your explainer video.

In short, when using 3d animation in your explainer videos make sure that you have substantial budget, flexibility in time constraints and competent human resources at your disposal.

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