What Should An Explainer Video Have In It To Grab Customers?


The general notion regarding explainer videos is that they are something that exist solely for the purpose of informing the customer about the product or service of the business. However, in a greater digital marketing plan explainer videos are effectively utilized to grab customers as well.

Attracting customers via explainer videos requires greater attention to detail and not just mere explanation of the offering of business. The lines below discuss how a business can should an explainer video be produced for the purpose of grabbing new customers.

Inform & Entertain

The first thing that differentiates the conventional explainer video from a customer grabbing explainer video is the element of entertainment. All explainer videos inform, however, it is the one that has the element of entertainment that catches the attention of the customers, and when the attention is grabbed, the ultimate result is the visitor moving further in the sales funnel. So, when making explainer video a business should consider the element of entertainment in it as well.

Emotion Provoking

Not in the negative sense of the word but explainer, videos should provoke some sort of emotion in the viewers. The provocation of emotion means that the viewer has started relating to the video and when the viewer does so, the appeal of the video increase, consequently, the viewer becomes more inclined towards dropping in a query to become a lead with greater probability of being turned into customer.

Live Action & Animation

The explainer videos in general are either live action based or they are animation based, thus they give productivity of a simple explainer video only. On the other hand, the explainer videos that are a blend of animation and live action are the ones that grab more attention. This adds to the point explained above where an explainer video ought to be a combination of information as well as entertainment. Thus, with live action, a business can add information and with animation, a business can incorporate the element of entertainment to grab customers.

Enticing Call to Actions

In addition to provoking emotion in the target audience, good explainer videos also use enticing call to actions to ensure that the attention of customer is grabbed and they take a certain action. A video with just information is boredom, a video with just entertainment is pointless, and a video with both but no call to action is entirely pointless when it comes to gaining customer. Therefore, a business must make sure that the call to action are clear and effective in terms of invoking the respective response.

Business Persona

The most important thing that an explainer video should have in it is the persona of a business. An explainer video needs to give a face to the business and embody the spirit and vision of the business as well. When customers see business as a being, the ultimate result is they valuing the business more than the competitors, hence the probability of becoming a customer of the business increases.


In a nutshell, explainer videos need to be made a part of the marketing plan of the business. The better a business utilizes it the more it can contribute in the process of making customers.

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