The Need of Customers of Today

The days are gone when business made decisions according to their needs and the customer was a secondary element in the need hierarchy. These days it is all about customers and everything that the business makes, starting from products to the decisions of marketing, everything is governed by the need of customers.

Moving forward with the premise that a business should fulfill the needs of customers and make sure that it makes strategic decisions whilst keeping those needs in mind, the use of explainer videos on business website is also a factor that is actually the need of customers. The lines below give three factors that emphasize on explainer video being the need of customers.

Videos Are More Trust Worthy

When customers search for something on the internet, they surely find thousands of posts written in either good or bad way that give them answers about their search query. Among these hundreds and thousands of search results there are only few videos that the customers find. The presence of video in search result shows that the particular solution provider has done extra effort in answering the question of customers, thus, it gains more trust of the customers. Moreover, good videos can also be differentiated from bad videos with ease, therefore, videos seem more reliable to the customers. Hence, videos because of their being less in number, requiring extra effort, and easily differentiable from good or bad are the reason why customers trust them more and a business should make them to fulfill this need for trust of customers.

Videos Are Shared More

The thing with text is that when a customer is reading a full article and finds a thing or two good in it, then the customer copies only the respective excerpt and shares it with his or her circle online. Thus, a full post gets shared rarely and if it does get shared, the probability of people reading it fully is less. On the other hand, when customers see a video and find it entertaining they share it all to the friends and family circle. Moreover, explainer videos are short and to the point, therefore, there is lesser probability of people watching it and ignoring the message that lies within it. Therefore, the customers need video because it fulfills their need of finding information in an entertaining way, which they could share within their circle of peers without any substantial effort.

Videos Get Remembered

The probability of a customer reading a text and then remembering a particular line from it is far less compared to the customer forgetting a whole scene from the video. Customers need something from the business, which they can remember and further narrate to other people. The textual content has very less chances of being remembered and consequently narrated to others, on the other hand customers can easily keep in mind the scenes of video and narrate it to other people as well.


In a nutshell, videos fulfill the need of trustworthiness, being sharable, and something that is easily remembered by the customers, which is why every business must focus on using explainer videos as a part of its marketing strategy.

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