The Different Types of Educational Explainer Videos

Usually explainer videos are utilized by businesses and brands to explain the vision of their business or their product or service to the audience. However, there is another use of explainer videos as well, and that is for the sake of education.

The education here means literal as well as implied education. The lines below give a brief overview of different kinds of educational explainer videos.

Educational Lectures

The first and perhaps the most common type of educational explainer videos is the educational lectures. In these types of videos, usually the lectures of an intellectual of a particular field are recorded and a glimpse of the lecture is shown in the explainer video. The objective of this type of video is to give the audience a crux of lecture and instigate them to view the full lecture.

Reviews and Criticism

Another type of educational video that falls under the category of explainer videos is reviews and criticism based videos. These types of videos are usually made by experts where they share their opinion about some book or any other form of literary genre with the audience. This type of educational explainer video holds great importance when it comes to forming opinion.

Social Awareness

Another type of explainer videos that has gained massive popularity among its audience is the social awareness educational videos. The objective of these kinds of videos is to raise some social issue and then educate the audience on how to address that particular issue in the best manner. Therefore, all the organizations that are working for social awareness use this type of educational explainer videos to make sure that the social issue which they want to raise gets across to the audience in a way that awareness reaches its optimal level.

In short, the aforementioned three are the major types of educational explainer videos which people can utilize depending upon the area of their expertise.

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