The 3 Key Elements That Can Make An Explainer Video Go Viral

These days when businesses make a video, they do so while keeping in mind the element of going viral. Now businesses don’t want their video to just inform people they want to target, rather businesses want their video to go viral across all kinds of platforms and all kinds of audiences. Therefore, making every video of its go viral is one of the objectives a business associates with video production.

Although generally explainer videos are not made with the objective of going viral, however, in the dynamic and competitive online world of today, businesses do consider making explainer videos that also have the tendency of going viral. In this regard, there are three major elements that contribute to making a video viral, which are discussed below.

Quality Content

The first and most obvious factor that should be present in an explainer video to make it go viral is quality content. A video is nothing until and unless it does not have quality content in terms of script, the whole story board and the message which you want to convey to the audience. All of these along with the tools and techniques you use of portraying the content is what makes and adds to its quality. When there is quality content, the foundation is laid for a good explainer video, what when accompanied with the rest of the elements mentioned below can easily go viral.

Optimized Production

Content is just one element of production. There are numerous other decisions involved in the production process, like whether you are going to use a live action video or an animated video, who will be the actors and characters, what product will the video portray and how will it portray it. This along with the music that is going to be used, the effects that will be added and several other decisions represent the quality of production and how optimally each and every element of it has been used. Therefore, before starting the production plan each and every element of it with attention to detail to make sure that everything is executed properly, aiding in production of a good video.


Only quality content along with optimized production might give the business a good explainer video, however, for it to go viral it is necessary that the business chooses the right distribution platforms. The postproduction element has a great role to play in making the video a success in going viral. A business has to choose the right platforms which are used by the target audience of business and which are visited by people other than the target audience. When business has such distribution platforms known, then it can easily launch the video on that platforms and experience an obvious boom.


In short, only good content and good production means a good video, however, when both of them are complemented with apt distribution, only then are explainer videos produced that have a greater tendency of going viral.

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