The 3 Best Animation Techniques

Although the use and selection of a particular animation technique depends upon the project at hand and with every video requirement, the need of a different animation technique arises, however, still there are few animation kinds that are the best and popular at the same time.

The lines below discuss the 3 best animation techniques that are most commonly utilized by businesses as well as production houses for different video projects.

Cut Out Animation

One of the earliest and perhaps easily executable forms of animation is cut out animation. In this type of animation, model objects are cut from paper or some other material and then placed in a particular background. The objects are cut out flat and then placed in the particular setting and then these flat objects are moved one at a time to create animation effect.

Model Animation

Another type of animation that is different, unique and one of the commonly utilized forms of animation is model animation. As the name indicates it, this type of animation the models are created of the objects that are to be utilized in animation and then those models are animated one by one in their different postures and styles. The movements are captured and then combined in the form of animation to create the desired movement and animation.

Computer Animation

The third and the use of which is increasing with every passing day is computer animation. In this type of animation, in addition to using different software to create 2D and 3D animation, there is the CGI animation that is most popularly utilized in creation of big screen movies. As we live in the world of computer, therefore, the future of animation lies in computer animation and with every day that goes by the use of it will surely increase.

In short, the aforementioned are the 3 best animation techniques that can be utilized for the purpose of creating quality videos these days.

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