The Oscar Nominated Short Animation Films of 2015

Besides the huge list of categories in Oscar nomination the one that catches the eye of animators is the short animation films category. In this category, short animated films are selected that in terms of their visual appeal and animation attract the attention of audience and take the genre of animated films a step forward.

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A Brief History Of Video Animation

In the world of today, animation in general and video animation in particular is one of the most commonly observed artistic examples. There are all sorts of animations like stop animation and CGI animations that have become a part of films as well as explainer videos.

The lines below discuss a brief history of video animation and how it all began.

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A Brief Introduction to Walt Disney Animation Studios

The name of Walt Disney Animation Studios stands as a giant in the Hollywood industry in general and animation industry in particular. The studio is one of the pioneers when it comes to production of animations on a distributive scale. The studio makes all sorts of films for the Walt Disney Company ranging from short films, to TV specials and animated feature films. Up till now the studios has produced 54 feature films and proven its creative and animation abilities in all the genres.

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