Selection of Different Types of Videos for Different Marketing Objectives

Video marketing is a holistic approach of marketing in which videos stand as the primary tool for propagation. The content is present in the video and it is the video in which there is the call to action that invoke a particular response in the consumers or the target audience.

There are different types of videos that are used for the purpose of marketing, the selection of each one of them carries a different significance for the respective target audience. The lines below discuss the different types of videos, which the business can select to achieve different marketing objectives.

Explainer Videos

The first type of videos which is most commonly utilized by businesses for the purpose of marketing is explainer videos. As the name indicates, these type of videos usually try to explain the offering of business to the target audience. In addition to explaining the product or service of the business, the explainer videos are also utilized for the purpose of explaining the persona and vision of business as well.

Pre-Roll Videos

These videos are usually what can most commonly be seen in the form of ads that run prior to Youtube videos. These videos are a crux of the business offering and in a few seconds, the objective of these videos is to grab the attention of audience and give them a clear CTA.

Business Overview Videos

Another type of video, which is popular among the big giants, is the business or company overview videos. In this type of video, the objective is to give a brief overview of the history of the organization from its early days to the success it has achieved. Big corporate giants usually utilize this type of video, however, small businesses or startup businesses can also utilize this type of video to give an insight to the vision and spirit of their business to the customers.

Product Demo

In addition to explaining the offering of business in explainer videos, there are product demos as well in which the business tries to explain the how its product works. These types of videos are usually an illustration of the way the products function so that the customers could get an idea about how to use the product without having to worry about finding people who could elaborate the functionality of the product.

Awareness Videos

Businesses that are into creating social awareness or the ones that in addition to running their product or service also do societal marketing, for them awareness video is one of the ways of marketing. In awareness videos the business tries to give a message that has social appeal and invokes a kind of emotional response in the audience causing them to think and decide in a particular fashion towards a particular phenomenon.


In a nutshell, in addition to using textual content as a means of marketing, businesses also utilize different types of videos to ensure maximum marketing outreach and effectiveness so that more people know about the business and the chances of gaining more customers increase.

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