Introduction To Computer Animation

Computer animation is a world in itself. There are all sorts of animations, styles, textures, techniques and so on that comprise of computer animation. All businesses who are concerned with digital world directly or indirectly should consider learning the basics of computer animation so that they have a better idea of how things are done in the computer or digital world.

The lines below give a brief introduction to computer animation and how it works.

Computer Animation

In simple terms, computer animation refers to the use of computer as a means of creating animation. This animation is a successor to stop animation and in this type of animation, computer programming is utilized to create illustrations, which are then given motion. Some basic concepts associated with computer animation are discussed below.

The Basics

Some basic concepts related to computer animation are:
Illustration – Illustration refers to the rough draft created by the animator on the basis of which the animation is to be created. In illustration the animator illustrates all the motions, gestures and positions that are to be there in the animation.

Sprite Sheet – When the animator creates the illustration, then he or she combines the illustration to create sprite sheets. These sprite sheets are the actual motions and gestures that are combined by the animator to create the respective animation.

Programming – Once the sprite sheets are ready, they are handed to the programmer who with the help of codes embeds the animation into a particular video or visual representation. If there is no programming involved, then the same sprite sheets can be given smooth play functionality and made a part of video.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, computer animation primarily involves an illustrator who illustrates the design. He or she then generates sprite sheet for the design and then that sprite sheet is handed over to the programmer to encode the animation.

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