Innovative Ways of Using Explainer Videos

The most conventional way of using an explainer video is as a means of promoting the product or service. In this type of use of explainer video, a business puts forward its product or service to the audience in the market and then tries to reach as many people as possible.

There are other ways in which a business can utilize explainer videos. The lines below discuss some innovative ways of utilizing explainer videos to their best potential.

For Pre-launch Feedback

An innovative of using an explainer video would to use it for pre-launch feedback purpose. You can create an explainer video of your product or service before the beta launch and on that video engage the audience about their feedback. The feedback of the audience will give you a clear picture about what their expectations from a product are, and the areas in which your product is lacking compared to their expectations.

Crowd Funding

Another effective way of utilizing explainer videos is for the purpose of crowdfunding. Most of the times it happens that you have a great idea, but you lack the resources to put that idea into execution and develop it into a product. Making an explainer video about your idea and then floating it in the audience for the sake of crowdfunding is another great way to use explainer videos. The audience might fund your idea and you may see your brainchild materialize.

Landing Pages

You can have a large amount of text written on your landing pages, or you can simply create an explainer video that tells the visitor what they should expect and what they are expected to do to convert them. On landing pages, you can simply place a video that does all the explaining instead of the audience going through the information. This way the chances of visitor becoming a lead increase compared to them leaving the page after reading some bore text.

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