How To Choose A Quality Explainer Video Production Company?

If you aren’t doing anything on your own, it is imperative that the service provider which you select is the best and offers you the best quality product in the market. The things hold true pertaining to any B2B interaction that takes place, especially when it comes to having an explainer video made by a video production company.

It is of grave importance that you select the right explainer video production company to make sure that you get the video you imagined and that too within your desired budget. The lines below discuss some of the factors to consider when selecting a quality explainer video company.


The first thing to consider is the portfolio of the explainer video services provider. In the portfolio, you should consider the types of clients the company has worked for and the kind of work it has produced for those clients. You should see each and every level of detail ranging from the script, the animation, the kind of vocabulary used and so on in the video to make sure that the service provider can offer the level of video which you desire.


The second thing to consider is the kind of expertise the service provider has for its clients. If you are considering a live action explainer video then the service provider must offer that, and the same goes for your other requirements like animation and stock text etc. You should have the picture clear in your mind about the kind of video you want and then see whether the service provider has that kind of expertise or not.


The third important element to consider in an explainer video service provider is affordability. Having a big budget does not mean that you should keep on wasting money on a less than productive thing, rather you need to define a particular budget and then aim for getting things done within that budget. Therefore, before hiring a production company you should ask for quotes from different service providers and then select a particular service provider on the basis of the kind of services it provides and the kind of rates it charges for them.

After Production Services

Perhaps the most important thing to consider with regards to hiring an explainer video production company is the after production services. When it comes to having a third party produce something for you, there are always some concerns which you wish to remove before you finalize a product or service. In this regard you need to explicitly ask of the after production services in which you have the liberty of making changes to the prototype before finalizing it. Therefore, it is important that before signing a contract you make sure that the after production services are enlisted and agreed upon.


In a nutshell, it is imperative for you to make sure that you hire the best explainer videos service provider. You can do so by making sure that you have analyzed its portfolio, asked them of price quotes, inquired and witnessed their area of expertise and agreed with them on after production services before finalization of contract.

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