Different Ways of Using Explainer Videos

Efficiency comes in the process of business when the decision-making authority is smart enough to utilize the available resources in an optimal manner. This optimal utilization of resources also refers to knowing which thing can be used in which way to ensure maximum productivity from that particular unit. Therefore, knowing multiple uses of an element or an entity is of grave importance pertaining to efficient business processes.

Businesses that are new to the online world or have little idea about online marketing, they consider explainer video as only a video that can only be used in a single way of explaining their product or service to the customers, however, there are different ways in which explainer videos can be utilized, a few common ones are listed below.

Offerings Explainer

The simplest and most common way in which explainer videos are used is as an explainer of product or service. In this type of explainer video, the business tries to explain to its audience that what their offering is all about and how their offering can fulfill the need or want of the customers. This explainer video is usually utilized by businesses on their product or services page of the website to give information to the visitors.

Business Explainer

The other way in which an explainer video is used by businesses is as a business explainer. This type of video is usually utilized by businesses on the home page where the user lands. In this way of using explainer video, the business tries to give a brief introduction about itself to the visitor of the website. This video usually creates the impression, which a business wants to make on its customers. This way instead of scrolling through the website the visitor gets an idea about the business as a whole in a single video.

Sales Pitch

In addition to the video explaining the offering of the business, the explainer videos can also be used as sales pitch by the business as well. The sales pitch video is slightly different from the offering explainer video in a way that at the end of the sales pitch video there is a call to action where business drops the hook, which then catches the visitor, and they drop a query. Thus, explainer videos can also serve as a means of increasing the sales of a business.

Promotional Video

Using explainer videos for the purpose of promotion is another way of making effective use of this element of marketing. All the pre-launch marketing could effectively be done with the help of promotional videos and a business can disseminate information about its product and service across the online world before the launch and get people to anticipate the launch.

Gratitude Video

Another great way of building relationship with customers with the help of explainer videos is by using them as an expression of gratitude. There are businesses who utilize explainer videos for thanking their customers, which makes a good impression on the customers and they continue on being loyal with the business.


In a nutshell, there are more than one ways of using explainer videos. It all depends upon the business how it wishes to utilize them. The more diversely a business uses them, the more benefit they can bring to a business.

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