The Oscar Nominated Short Animation Films of 2015

Besides the huge list of categories in Oscar nomination the one that catches the eye of animators is the short animation films category. In this category, short animated films are selected that in terms of their visual appeal and animation attract the attention of audience and take the genre of animated films a step forward.

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Introduction To Computer Animation

Computer animation is a world in itself. There are all sorts of animations, styles, textures, techniques and so on that comprise of computer animation. All businesses who are concerned with digital world directly or indirectly should consider learning the basics of computer animation so that they have a better idea of how things are done in the computer or digital world.

The lines below give a brief introduction to computer animation and how it works.

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A Brief History Of Video Animation

In the world of today, animation in general and video animation in particular is one of the most commonly observed artistic examples. There are all sorts of animations like stop animation and CGI animations that have become a part of films as well as explainer videos.

The lines below discuss a brief history of video animation and how it all began.

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What Should You Consider When Using 3D Animation In Explainer Videos?

The trend of using explainer videos as a means of marketing is increasing day after day all over the world. Businesses now prefer to use an explainer video to explain their brand and launch new products with it. In explainer video, the use of 3D animation is also increasing exponentially.

The use of 3D animation in explainer videos makes the video different from simple animation or actual videos. The lines below discuss the different factors you should consider while using 3D animation in explainer videos.

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A Brief Introduction to Walt Disney Animation Studios

The name of Walt Disney Animation Studios stands as a giant in the Hollywood industry in general and animation industry in particular. The studio is one of the pioneers when it comes to production of animations on a distributive scale. The studio makes all sorts of films for the Walt Disney Company ranging from short films, to TV specials and animated feature films. Up till now the studios has produced 54 feature films and proven its creative and animation abilities in all the genres.

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The 3 Best Animation Techniques

Although the use and selection of a particular animation technique depends upon the project at hand and with every video requirement, the need of a different animation technique arises, however, still there are few animation kinds that are the best and popular at the same time.

The lines below discuss the 3 best animation techniques that are most commonly utilized by businesses as well as production houses for different video projects.

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Innovative Ways of Using Explainer Videos

The most conventional way of using an explainer video is as a means of promoting the product or service. In this type of use of explainer video, a business puts forward its product or service to the audience in the market and then tries to reach as many people as possible.

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A Simple Explainer Video Script

A good and simple script is the backbone of a quality explainer video. If the script is immature and does not convey what a business wishes to convey, then no matter how good the visual appeal of the explainer video is, it will never be able to achieve prominence or the desired level of effectiveness.

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Increase Your Sales with Explainer Videos

All the online businesses do their marketing and promotion with the objective of capturing online customers and increasing their share in the online market. This is why businesses try the most effective online marketing tools for their business and select the one that proves to be most effective for them. In this regard, explainer videos have proved to be a vital tool in present times.

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The Different Types of Educational Explainer Videos

Usually explainer videos are utilized by businesses and brands to explain the vision of their business or their product or service to the audience. However, there is another use of explainer videos as well, and that is for the sake of education.

The education here means literal as well as implied education. The lines below give a brief overview of different kinds of educational explainer videos.

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