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Explainer videos have the power to tell a convincing story about your business in 60 seconds. Video communicating clearly the meaning and purpose related to your business. You need to draw up plans to use animation and cartoon cute character that represents your product. Make sure the script is well written and designed to prevent your video into chaos and the purpose is not served with clear understanding. So, your video will fail to understand.

So what can you do to make sure your video is a killer and not merely a trigger sleep? It begins with proper preparation – knowing your audience, your message and your call to action is important. Additionally, here are some tips to help you write a better way to generate best explainer videos.

  • Make sure the scripts written brief, simple and concise, easy to understand and clear. If the script is long and straight to the point, the audience will ignore the message is trying to convey. An internet surfer appears with your website tend to check after 4-6 minutes depending on how interesting your material and then make some decision regarding product or service provided.
  • Spectators will focus in the first minute when watching a video, so enter your message in the first 30 seconds. Reduce the overall message of your video to one paragraph and get the sentence somewhere in the first 30 seconds of the script. In this way, the audience will understand the message even takes only 30 seconds in the first minute of watching video.
  • Convey the message to the audience by speaking directly to the audience by using personal pronouns such as “you“, “me” and so on. In addition, provide input and new knowledge to the audience. Do not waste your time telling the audience what they already know. Focus instead on what they need to know about you that will lead them to trust you and take the action you want them to take. Treat them like a friend so that they will trust and enjoy your product and service.
  • Tell stories that attract viewers to watch. Most explainer video scripts cause problems (Wilson is very tired), introduced a resolution for Wilson what he already did and give some explanation on how it works with long explanation (OrganiBrew is natural ……), and tell the action (buy OrganiBrew at your local gas station). Do not use statistics that have no relevance or statistics that have been for centuries. Get the latest information and up to date.
  • The audience loved Humor which interesting and amusing and full of Humor can deliver the message. Use humor wisely and ensure the massage is delivering to audience. Humor is a great tool for storytelling humor while supporting your message is right.
  • Summarize the message and reduce the dialogue. 125-150 words per minutes could be much better. Do not speak too fast or too slowly, use simple voice speed and accurate pronunciation so that the audience can understand the message.
  • Did not figure it easier meaning to the audience than words and writing. Therefore, anyone who is able to work on interesting explainer video as a creative cartoon stick or enter a message displaying the values, it is a very good effort. No matter whether it will be read and get to the heart audience or not, but at least it was an attempt to convey some additional messages to targeted groups who may never penetrated by writing us at web, blog, magazine, newspaper and Facebook. If not able to make big budget explainer video, make a quick and take advantage of the existence of YouTube. It’s better than letting the technology was met with a video that is not beneficial. YouTube needs to be exploited by issuing the message, the same case as Facebook and other internet medium.
  • It is important to diversify creative twist explainer video presentation. Maybe they have an interest if the medium that we use can convey our message to them. It requires a lot of knowledge exploration side, hence the need to equip them with us. Photography techniques may be significant. Sporting ability is also relevant to approach the ‘sports socks’. Similarly, the maker of video and graphics, cartoons, movies and so on.

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