A Simple Explainer Video Script

A good and simple script is the backbone of a quality explainer video. If the script is immature and does not convey what a business wishes to convey, then no matter how good the visual appeal of the explainer video is, it will never be able to achieve prominence or the desired level of effectiveness.

Most of the times businesses tend to make the script complicated that mars the effectiveness of an explainer video. The ploy in this regard should be to keep the script as simple as possible. The lines below give some traits of a simple explainer video script.

To The Point

The first element of a simple explainer video script is that it should be to the point. Most of the times when writing script, the sentiments of the audience take the script away from the point of interest, which causes the audience to lose the interest. Therefore, it is imperative that you should keep the script to the point and not discuss trivial or unnecessary details.


In addition to keeping it to the point, the script of explainer video must always be brief. Explainer videos usually grab and sustain the attention of the audience for about 2-3 minutes, therefore, any explainer video with a script longer than that would lose its effectiveness. Hence, in order to ensure that the video remains effective in terms of conveying the message, be as brief as possible in the script.

Select The Right Words

The selection of words in the script is of grave importance. A wrong word in the script could ruin the rest of the script and the explainer video and an inappropriate word might bring down its effectiveness. Therefore, select the right words in the script and in their selection make sure that you use the right words at the right time.

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