A Brief Introduction to Walt Disney Animation Studios

The name of Walt Disney Animation Studios stands as a giant in the Hollywood industry in general and animation industry in particular. The studio is one of the pioneers when it comes to production of animations on a distributive scale. The studio makes all sorts of films for the Walt Disney Company ranging from short films, to TV specials and animated feature films. Up till now the studios has produced 54 feature films and proven its creative and animation abilities in all the genres.


The studio started as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio that was founded by Walt Disney Production in 1923. For remaining years, the studio kept on producing short films till the 1934 when it produced its first feature film. In the later decade of 20th century, the studio went under several name changes till the year 2006 when it officially took the prevalent name in full.

Contribution to The Genre

Walt Disney Animation studios is considered the pioneer in the field of animation and has been considered the hallmark of American animation industry. The concepts and principles introduced by the animation studio have become standards for the industry and the animations of today become possible because of those standards. Another major contribution of the animation studio is in the art of storyboarding which has become a pivotal factor in the making of feature films.

Renowned Characters

The Walt Disney Animation studios has produced some iconic characters that are representative of America. The characters include Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. In addition to being renowned for its characters, the studio has also acquired Pixar allowing it to progress and contribute even more in the world of animation and make quality products.

Now Walt Disney Animations and Pixar go hand in hand in the world of animation and continue on producing one great animation after another.

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