A Brief History Of Video Animation

In the world of today, animation in general and video animation in particular is one of the most commonly observed artistic examples. There are all sorts of animations like stop animation and CGI animations that have become a part of films as well as explainer videos.

The lines below discuss a brief history of video animation and how it all began.

Ancient Times

Animation itself began in the ancient times. The earliest example of it was found in Iran where on a pot there was a depiction of goat leaping on a tree. Then the examples were found in the Egyptian murals where people wrestling were shown in there different postures creating an effect of animation. Other than these ancient examples, the most popular example of animation created with the help of images was the seven motions of man by Leonardo da Vinci. These are some examples of animation in its crudest form.

Animation in Film

The twentieth century saw the rise of video films. In addition to the real and live action films, there were the animations as well. Among them, the first one to do animation in videos was Walt Disney studios who used animation in live action films. The most renowned example of this era of animation is the Mickey Mouse series.

After Disney, it was the Warner Bros. who stepped in the field of animation and started producing animated videos that were less controlled by the studio and provided more creative freedom to the creators. After that it was all about developing animated videos.

Animation in films initially started utilizing stop animation where images were moved to create the effect of movement, whereas later on came the CGI animation, which is prevalent at present as well.

Bottom Line

In short, animation has developed over time and its utilization in video is an example of the constant and continuous developments in the field of technology.

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