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Explainer Video Production Company for Making Animated Videos

Ever wondered where are those fancy animated videos seen all over the internet coming from? Well, they are made by various video production services who specialize themselves in creating such digital content. With the broadband internet boom and ever shortening customer attention span the need for engaging audiovisual content skyrocketed. Along with it the number of explainer video producers also exploded. As usual this brought a drop in quality, as many unprofessional and self-declared experts surfaced, all hoping for an easy buck. When it comes to producing a quality video that you can proudly show to the World, you’d better go with the experienced services. The biggest studios are of course booked for months and they are quite expensive. The best way to go is probably by picking a European agency that has the necessary company culture, experience and professionalism, while working on affordable prices. Surely they are not as cheap as some third world options but you can be more or less sure that the deadlines will be met, communications is clear and most importantly you’ll be happy with the end result.

Every explainer video studio develops a script or storyboard first that is approved by the client along with a budget. Then moving on to the next phase follows, which is the actual production of the explainer video. The last phase is the post-production and editing where studio works are completed and a voice-over or a soundtrack is added.

Benefits of video usage

Did you know that using videos on your landing pages can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%? They keep customers on your page longer, giving your marketing message more time to sink in.

Adding video to a site can directly benefit the SEO of the website as well, as it improves likelyhood of hitting the front page of search engines compared to single text web pages. It also improves the time spent on site by a user, bounce rates and also click through rates, which all provide a positive feedback to Google.

The purpose of explainer video production

We can differentiate some subcategories based upon their purpose and the method of creation. We’ll get in to these below.

Screencast videos

This is a simple low budget type of video, it showcases how your product or service works. They’re more about education than branding. These work well for prospects who’d like to try before they buy. Usually they are not more than a recording of some action on a computer screen with some audio commentaries.

Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos is another popular genre of animated explainer videos. Surely you have seen more than one such pieces where something is explained while a hand illustrates the topic with a drawing. Often whiteboard vids are used for sales pitches, or for educational purposes as they are cheap to produce and are great in explaining complex informations. These are relatively easy to create for a talented artist. The way of making these is a bit tedious but very straightforward: You just need a creative mind to find out what the artist should actually draw that fits the message.

Corporate videos

We talk about corporate video production when the end product is used as internal tools for a company to share information with employees, shareholders or corporate officials. Typical examples are training videos on company policies, safety, New product, software or service intros, online presentations of new projects or financial results.

Animated explainer videos

Anything that does not fit into the above categories should be considered simply an animated video. Techniques used here may vary wildly, from basic motion graphics to 3D animation. These are all about storytelling. Your company or service is the hero here who saves the day by solving your customer’s problem. They’re usually pretty funny and are great in building trust for your brand.

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